Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Future Plans

All of my leadership skills and abilities that I've learned and all of the volunteering that I was invlovled in brought me to a conclusion that I want to help people for the rest of my life, take care of them interact with them an just let them know that I have a shoulder to lean on. Thats why I want to become a doctor, but not just an ordinary doctor but a doctor that works with the Canadian Forces and specializes into orthpedic surgery thats my career choice due to my involvement with leadership & volunteering. So here is the path that I need to take to accomplish that goal. First im going to MUN and im going to study and get a bacherlors degree in biochem. After finishing that 4-5 year program I am going to MED-SCHOOL and completing the objective of becomming a regular doctor. Then I will serve the recommended years to the Canadian forces. After mt time I will go back to med school and specialize into orthpedic surgery and then serve for the Canadian Forces until im 40 due to the fact that 40 is the retirement age. After im retired im going to open up my own practice and just live life the the fullest, like a wize women once said to me " You get out of it , what you put into it!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tweet It

      DAN ROCKWELL                                                                                                                                     A team is a group of people who need each other in order to accomplish their work

I have choose  this tweet,  just due to the fact that Rockwell is speaking with factual content. Myself 
is on many sports teams, and if we all don't work together than its just better off not playing at all, because your better off playing with different point of views than just yours. Then you will accomplish more things and do a much better job with the work that's needed to be done.

People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be

This tweet is so true, because its up to where you want to go and be in life. I've chose this tweet to just make people realize that every time you say that you hate your life and it sucks then its your choice to change it and make a better future for yourself. You should NEVER blame someone else for the sate and situation that your involved in.

I wish i had more confidence

This particular tweet caught  my eye due to the fact that most of the teens population are depressed and have no self confidence. It only takes one person to just say something nice to them or even tell them how great  of a job that they are doing. Alot of these low confident people are fantastic in their field but don't believe it them selves. If only that these people believed in them selves more than likely they would do better in their field. Just take life for what it is and believe in your self :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I'm Into

          Volunteering and activities plays a very important role in my life. Every since I was a little boy I would love to volunteer and  help others, and I always loved being outside with friends doing all sorts of activities ; hide "n" seek, or even play with mud on rainy days. I just always loved being involved with everything I managed to get my hands on. Now my current volunteerism and activities are even greater, volunteer much more frequently and the activities i'm involved in are more plentyful. But lets talk about volunteering first. I'm the kind of person that you only need to ask me once to do anything, whatever it is I help to the  best of my abilities. Some people say that volunteering and unpaid work is the same.....they are incorrect, Unpaid work --> an ordered task by a person in charge, its work that you are told to do. Volunteering --> when you offer someone, if they need help its not an order and you don't have to do it, its something you want to do. I volunteer by picking a piece of garbage off the floor to put into the garbage can to helping my friends with problems and school work. When I volunteer and after its all said and done its the best feeling you could ever have,is knowing you've help someone with something, you've made them happy. And there is no beeter feeling then seeing the person you have just help with a smile of satisfaction on their face.And why do I volunteer ? Simple because I want to and I like to make a difference and a change in the world,and remember it only takes one person to do so.
          Activities basically make up my daily life. Its like this an activity involves movement and a sense of purpose. The activities that I'm involved in are ; volleyball (in which I also play with team NL and I have been asked to tryout for the nationals 2013 winter games.), basket ball, soft ball, cross country running, and 4 years straight I'v won athlete of the year award ao that there tells you that I'm an active person.I also love playing all racket sports but my school don't offer many sports and activities. I just wish that there were more different and more sports the choose from here but that's life and the good thing is, when I go to MUN I will learn all kinds of  new sports and activities, variety is the spice of life. As you read the post  "All about me " you've learned that I'm a neat freak, I'm  always cleaning up, and that involves always moving and running around. As well as I work out everyday I do the P90X and P90X + and I'v actually completed the P90X three times which each time is 3 months, so im very dedicated in what I do. Just to sum it all up to why I'm involve with all of these activities because I want a physically fit life I love to be built, fit, healthy and happy. With volunteering I'v forgot to add that one day a week every week I go to this little boys house and just play with him and help him with his home work. His father is in a wheel chair and basically his grandmother raised him, and every time I show up he has a smile that I well never forget, he makes my day every time that I see him and in my eyes he is one of a kind.
         Volunteering and activities are all great things to do, you just need to have your thoughts sat out and your mind opened up to any opportunities that come your way :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inspiring Video

Thomas Dolby is very inspiring, due to his creativity and his accomplishment. He went from just singing already written songs to singing his own expressed ideas, that he came up with in his own studio (a boat that he refurnished himself, that runs electricity by absorbing the suns rays, with solar panels) along side his beach house. This video inspires me because it goes to show that no matter what or where you are in life, all you got to do is set goals and have the background and confidence to achieve them. This video is also interesting to me because,just for the fact that singing is one of my main hobbies; which I really enjoy, and the way he went about creating that wonderful song "Love Is a Loaded Pistol' its just all very cool and imaginative too me! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All About Me

My name is Kelland Hickey, I'm 16 years old and I love to be involved in everything that I can get my hands on. My interets are, sports, singing, and even cleaning, im a neat, just basically what ever is out there, you can count me in.My plans for the future are to get a degree in biochem, apply to medschool, and become a doctor for the Canadian forces, then further specialize into ortherapedic surgey. I just love the idea of persuing the career in medicine. I became interested in volunteering and leadership, when I first came to high school I ran to become vice president...but was 3 votes away, but I still went for class rep and was voted in. Then the following year,I was selcected for vice president,and the year after I actually became the president of my school.Then winning the leadership award, due to all of my hard work and dedication.Most of my leadership abilities came from sports, I was the captain of sport teams, and I go away to team NL, volleyball every summer and last summer I was choosen to be the captain, which I was very,very proud of. Many people inspired me to become the person that I am today, my mom dad , family and friends. The persone that insired me the most was my mom's mom, Doris noseworthy (nan, or as we all called her Dee). She always said that im going to go somewhere in life, every day she would tell mom. She was a nurse at the hospital, and she would do anything for me, she passed away 10 years ago but in my heart she always will be there saying "oh he's my boy". Im the person that I am today due to the people and the atmosphere around me.My parents have a hard life, sometime struggling, I'm going to make sure that im not like that,they are the best parents that anyone could ever ask for, and they always try their hardest to make their kids smile and just be happy.Most importantly im doing all of this because I want to it , nobody should tell you what to do with your life ,they can help you make sure your on the right path but its up to you to choose the many different paths that lie ahead..I'm just a person thats unique, and wants to make the best of my life. "live life to the fullest"
Kelland Hickey :)