Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I'm Into

          Volunteering and activities plays a very important role in my life. Every since I was a little boy I would love to volunteer and  help others, and I always loved being outside with friends doing all sorts of activities ; hide "n" seek, or even play with mud on rainy days. I just always loved being involved with everything I managed to get my hands on. Now my current volunteerism and activities are even greater, volunteer much more frequently and the activities i'm involved in are more plentyful. But lets talk about volunteering first. I'm the kind of person that you only need to ask me once to do anything, whatever it is I help to the  best of my abilities. Some people say that volunteering and unpaid work is the same.....they are incorrect, Unpaid work --> an ordered task by a person in charge, its work that you are told to do. Volunteering --> when you offer someone, if they need help its not an order and you don't have to do it, its something you want to do. I volunteer by picking a piece of garbage off the floor to put into the garbage can to helping my friends with problems and school work. When I volunteer and after its all said and done its the best feeling you could ever have,is knowing you've help someone with something, you've made them happy. And there is no beeter feeling then seeing the person you have just help with a smile of satisfaction on their face.And why do I volunteer ? Simple because I want to and I like to make a difference and a change in the world,and remember it only takes one person to do so.
          Activities basically make up my daily life. Its like this an activity involves movement and a sense of purpose. The activities that I'm involved in are ; volleyball (in which I also play with team NL and I have been asked to tryout for the nationals 2013 winter games.), basket ball, soft ball, cross country running, and 4 years straight I'v won athlete of the year award ao that there tells you that I'm an active person.I also love playing all racket sports but my school don't offer many sports and activities. I just wish that there were more different and more sports the choose from here but that's life and the good thing is, when I go to MUN I will learn all kinds of  new sports and activities, variety is the spice of life. As you read the post  "All about me " you've learned that I'm a neat freak, I'm  always cleaning up, and that involves always moving and running around. As well as I work out everyday I do the P90X and P90X + and I'v actually completed the P90X three times which each time is 3 months, so im very dedicated in what I do. Just to sum it all up to why I'm involve with all of these activities because I want a physically fit life I love to be built, fit, healthy and happy. With volunteering I'v forgot to add that one day a week every week I go to this little boys house and just play with him and help him with his home work. His father is in a wheel chair and basically his grandmother raised him, and every time I show up he has a smile that I well never forget, he makes my day every time that I see him and in my eyes he is one of a kind.
         Volunteering and activities are all great things to do, you just need to have your thoughts sat out and your mind opened up to any opportunities that come your way :)


  1. You,my boy are one. Of a kind:-) love you immensely,mom and dad and family,keep your dreams alive always xxxxxooooo

  2. You are so right Kelland,Dreams stay Dreams without any Action!! Good for you,go get em!!!You can do it!!You are Kelland!!:)

  3. Wow that's quite impressive!! Keep up with all the sports and activities!! Sounds like you are really making your mark in the world!!