Thursday, December 8, 2011

All About Me

My name is Kelland Hickey, I'm 16 years old and I love to be involved in everything that I can get my hands on. My interets are, sports, singing, and even cleaning, im a neat, just basically what ever is out there, you can count me in.My plans for the future are to get a degree in biochem, apply to medschool, and become a doctor for the Canadian forces, then further specialize into ortherapedic surgey. I just love the idea of persuing the career in medicine. I became interested in volunteering and leadership, when I first came to high school I ran to become vice president...but was 3 votes away, but I still went for class rep and was voted in. Then the following year,I was selcected for vice president,and the year after I actually became the president of my school.Then winning the leadership award, due to all of my hard work and dedication.Most of my leadership abilities came from sports, I was the captain of sport teams, and I go away to team NL, volleyball every summer and last summer I was choosen to be the captain, which I was very,very proud of. Many people inspired me to become the person that I am today, my mom dad , family and friends. The persone that insired me the most was my mom's mom, Doris noseworthy (nan, or as we all called her Dee). She always said that im going to go somewhere in life, every day she would tell mom. She was a nurse at the hospital, and she would do anything for me, she passed away 10 years ago but in my heart she always will be there saying "oh he's my boy". Im the person that I am today due to the people and the atmosphere around me.My parents have a hard life, sometime struggling, I'm going to make sure that im not like that,they are the best parents that anyone could ever ask for, and they always try their hardest to make their kids smile and just be happy.Most importantly im doing all of this because I want to it , nobody should tell you what to do with your life ,they can help you make sure your on the right path but its up to you to choose the many different paths that lie ahead..I'm just a person thats unique, and wants to make the best of my life. "live life to the fullest"
Kelland Hickey :)